We will always start with the best ingredients like Caputo flour & NY water for our pizza! So what would you like on top of your pizza? Caputo Flour from Italy is all Fly Pie uses in our pizza dough, the best in the world. Caputo Pizzeria flour imported from Capua, Italy!

Recipe for the Perfect Pizza Dough: Italy’s Finest Caputo Flour & NY Water

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One of the reasons that Fly Pie is the best kitchen in Las Vegas is because we use the finest ingredients and cooking techniques. Read More

Fly Pie stone hearth pizza is so much better because we use Italian Caputo flour, NY Water and garden fresh produce & toppings

Why the Stone Hearth Makes Our Pizza So Good

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We custom-designed our oven just for Fly Pie. It has precision heat technology that cooks a pizza in 90 seconds! Read More

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