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Recipe for the Perfect Pizza Dough: Italy’s Finest Caputo Flour & NY Water

One of the reasons that Fly Pie is the best kitchen in Las Vegas is because we use the finest ingredients and cooking techniques.

Best Pizza in Las Vegas

One of the reasons that Fly Pie is the best kitchen in Las Vegas is because we use the finest ingredients and cooking techniques. It’s no secret, we use Caputo flour and NY water for our pizza!

Our pizza dough is created with Caputo Pizzeria flour, the best pizza in the world, imported from Capua, Italy! This flour is almost 100 years old, and comes from a family business that has been passed down through three generations of Neapolitan flour millers. Molino Caputo founded his mill back in 1924, carefully grinding the wheat he personally selected from local farms with care. This handcrafted flour is still the highest-performance flour across the planet.

Milling flour is an ancient tradition in Italy., where the secrets of producing such tender wheat flour have been passed down through the generations. The Caputo company modernized production but still upholds Molino Caputo’s sacred old-fashioned values, guaranteeing that theirs is the world’s highest quality pizza flour. With an elastic gluten and soft starch feeling, Fly Pie’s dough is well-hydrated and perfectly soft.

Another secret from our kitchen is that we import water from New York, home of the pizza in America. Well, until now. The secret of New York pizza is in their water. With their water and Caputo flour in our Las Vegas kitchen, make room, Big Apple – there’s a new contender in the ring!

Once we mix the flour and water,  the dough for every pizza gets proofed overnight, one final step to make sure our super light crust rises flawlessly and the flour expresses itself perfectly. We bake the dough so it’s got a little chew and a little char, the perfect baking quality for Caputo flour. Pizza fanatics of the world agree — this flour can change your life. Once you taste this crust, you will never go back to pizza made with those other guys’ low-bid flour. 

Once the crust is done, we build upon that glorious crust with our special sauce, made with only authentic and organic Italian tomatoes. And then the piece de resistance – the choice of toppings chosen from any of our always fresh, organic, and hand-picked ingredients.

We will always start with the best ingredients like Caputo flour and NY water for our pizza, and you decide the rest! So what would you like on top of your pizza?

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