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Fresh Food Values Differentiates Fly Pie From the Rest

At Fly Pie we value fresh food so we keep everything as fresh as possible.

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At Fly Pie we value fresh food so we keep everything as fresh as possible. For starters, each and every ingredient we use is fresh. Restaurants with fresh food immediately make it clear how much better your dining experience will be after the first bite. Every ingredient is fresh not frozen. Fresh food is also so much healthier the closer it is to being picked!

And then, each and every menu item gets prepared and cooked right here in our kitchen, made to order.

Nothing is frozen or reheated!

While other fast food chains around town will zap some frozen food when you visit the drive-through,  our experience with food has taught us that quality and freshness makes the real difference. You know it the moment you taste it. 

It’s important to Fly Pie founder Scott Godino Jr. too. He founded Born and Raised, the award-winning Las Vegas bar and restaurant that has earned its reputation for fresh food in a city filled with fast and frozen food. 

Born and Raised succeeded in an incredibly competitive market because Scott believes in fresh ingredients and making high quality food. This approach keeps people coming through the door.

Those values might seem insignificant to other operations, the ones only interested in the bottom line, but here at Fly Pie, those values are absolutely central to our experience. 

When Scott opened Fly Pie, he wanted to make a complete and unapologetic upgrade of the drive-through experience. No frozen food, just fresh ingredients and homegrown deliciousness.

Fresh Not Frozen

Whether you drive through or get delivery, our food stays fresh. Not only do we choose to use fresh ingredients, we also have designed our packaging to keep the food fresh when you travel. We’ve tested the wax paper and boxes, making sure your food stays hot for the whole trip to your destination.

Drive through our flight tunnel and your kids will be entertained by our magical food characters, your senses will be transported by the custom aromas tempting your taste buds, as we cook you a fresh and perfect meal. 

In the time it takes for you to drive through our one-of-a-kind tunnel, you’ll have a fresh pizza pie, wings, churros, or deep fried Oreos cooked up and ready to go. Everything is made fresh once you order. It will make you smile!

Make Fly Pie your favorite restaurants with fresh food!

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