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Why the Stone Hearth Makes Our Pizza So Good

We custom-designed our oven just for Fly Pie. It has precision heat technology that cooks a pizza in 90 seconds!

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When you taste Fly Pie stone hearth pizza, you might want to know why it’s so much better than all the rest! Well of course we use the finest ingredients including Italian Caputo flour and NY Water, along with garden fresh produce and toppings. 

But another thing that makes us stand out is our stone hearth ovens help give Fly Pie that perfect blend of crispiness and chewiness. We custom-designed our oven just for Fly Pie. It has precision heat technology that cooks a pizza in 90 seconds!

It has the most amazing and consistent heat distribution ever in a stone hearth oven. That’s the best in new technology combined with the finest tradition in ovens! It maintains the same heat all day long, making sure that every pizza comes out perfect.

Inside the stone hearth pizza oven is a convex dome, the ideal shape for baking pizza. This shape allows the oven to evenly distribute the heat throughout your pie without sacrificing any baking space. 

It’s a smart oven too, maximizing energy use and making sure the oven temperature stays the same all day long. That’s how we can ensure that every Fly Pie pizza has the same perfect bake. 

Our goal at Fly Pie is to keep everything as fresh as possible from the flour to the ingredients. Everything gets baked made-to-order right here in our kitchen.

Fly Pie is a complete and unapologetic upgrade of the drive-through dining experience.  This is a real chef’s restaurant. Nothing is frozen. 

Whether you drive through or get delivery, our food stays fresh. We’ve tested the wax paper and boxes, making sure your food stays hot for the whole trip to your destination.

When you drive through our one-of-a-kind tunnel and enjoy the entertainment, we make your pizza fresh and on-the-fly so that it is ready by the time you reach the pick up window. Try some wings, fries, or deep-fried Oreo while you are at it!

When you leave Fly Pie, we make sure your food stays fresh and hot for the whole drive. Food this good deserves to be served up hot!

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