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Fly Pie’s One-of-a-Kind Drive Through Is For Everybody

Fly Pie was born in Las Vegas with the mission to bring world class pizza and a fun one-of-a-kind experience to the city.

Las Vegas Pizza

Fly Pie born in Las Vegas with the mission to bring world class pizza and a fun one-of-a-kind experience to the city. It is a one of a kind drive through pizza place unlike anything else in the world!

Las Vegas means a lot to our founders, Anthony Zuiker, the global storyteller who created C.S.I, and local restaurateur Scott Godino Jr. So they teamed up to create a unique dining experience for families  in their hometown, featuring high-quality food with memorable entertainment.

Fun For Kids And Adults

One of the standout features at Fly PIe is the superior experience of our drive-through, which was designed to entertain every member of the family. Whether you are a kid riding in the backseat or a weary grown up picking up food after work, you are going to have an amazing experience. When you head to Fly Pie, you know, after your first visit, that you’re going to have a good time and come away with some good memories along the way. 

Everybody is welcome at Fly Pie—that’s the heart of our business. Customers and employees know that Fly Pie honors who they are, what they are, where they come from, what they represent. We stand by everyone’s right to express their personal beliefs and always be themselves.   

In Flight Entertainment

You order your food and enter our tunnel. This is a one-of-a-kind fast food dining experience, engaging every sense as you drive through. Kids are thrilled because they can see a new cartoon every time you visit, projected on a giant screen with Hollywood-level production values. 

That comes courtesy of Anthony who had a vision for our drive-through tunnel, creating an instant memory that any visitor, adult or child, will never forget. 

Each Fly Pie character tells a universal and inspiring story so that all customers can see some of themselves in the characters.  See who you identify with! 

These are stories of courage and overcoming adversity for the kids, and the adults will catch some grown-up jokes Anthony has sprinkled in there just for them. 

Only Drive Through Pizza Place Of Its Kind

Have you ever heard of a drive through pizza place? Neither did we, so we made one!

There are hundreds of fast food places around this city, but there’s only one Fly Pie. This is a complete and unapologetic upgrade of the drive-through experience.  

Who is your favorite character?

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